Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Evidence of God

The question is often raised: if there is a God, one who created the universe and set all things into motion, and who occasionally intervenes in the affairs of mere mortals, why is there no evidence? Sure, the existence of the universe is cited as evidence, but then you have people like Edward Tryon saying the universe may simply be one of those things which happens from time to time. There are those pesky miracles, but they can be explained away. Whence God, then?

Consider this, however. Philosophy demands the universe have no boundaries -- after all, boundary implies inside and outside, and whatever term you use to encompass everything, there is no outside. Science demands the universe be finite, due to the darkness of the night sky and such. Observation of the highest technological form has implied the universe to be Euclidean, topologically flat, uncurved. Any two of these conditions are easy to fulfill. All three together...

But there is a way.

Take a piece of paper. Draw a triangle on it. Roll it into a tube, so that opposite sides meet. Behold: a cylinder with a triangle on it, a triangle with angles still totaling 180 degrees.

Picture a video game: a side scroller where if you fly off in any of the four cardinal directions, you appear in the opposite direction. This is in the four-dimensional shape called a duocylinder.

The universe is a tricylinder. It is flat, finite, but with no boundaries: fly far enough in a direction and rather than hitting an edge, you just keep going.

Also, this seems to indicate there is a creator. A tricylinder seems quite unlikely and artificial. Thus, someone seems to have made it.

This aforementioned creator also seems to have a wicked sense of humor, to leave intelligent beings no evidence of his existence except the massive glaring neon sign that is the universe itself.

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